How do i become an Escort in the UK?

How do i become an Escort in the UK?

The easiest and safest option when considering to become an escort in the UK is to join one of the local escort agencies. There are usually hundreds of agencies, especially in large cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham.

You will need to do a little research and maybe take a few interviews to work out which are good agencies or bad ones.
A few tips for what a good agency will do/ask:
• A good agency will NEVER ask you to have sex as part of the interview. If this is requested on the interview (or after), politely walk away.
• You may be asked to provide proof that you are allowed to work in the UK, although if you are clearly born in the UK they should not require your identification other than to maybe prove your age.
• A good agency will never ask you to pay any money to join them. Technically the agency should be working for you and not you work for the agency. The agencies job is to get you bookings, manage your bookings and first and foremost, ensure your safety by performing checks on the clients that they are sending you to see!

The down side of an Escort Agency is; they will take a commission of you for every booking. The average commission if around 30% of the total booking fee.
Some of the benefits of working for an agency are: they take care of your advertising/marketing, take your phone calls for bookings, screen clients to ensure your safety and manage your bookings. If you are just starting out as an escort, an escort agency may also give you tips and advice on all escort related activities.

If you are  comfortable working for yourself as an independent escort and maybe don't want to give an agency a cut of your earnings, it is quiet simple to be an independent escort. You will have to market yourself to help you gain bookings, but this can be done by listing your services (and maybe a few photos of you) on some of the many escort directories or listing websites (like this one). Many of these websites offer free and paid for advertising, so there are not many costs in setting up.

We feel the best advice when starting out as an escort (or even for experienced escorts) it to read and consider being a member of SAAFE (this is all FREE)
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