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If you believe that any person is in danger, you should first contact the police or Crime Stoppers.
If this matter is urgent, please contact the UK police by phone on 999

Crime Stoppers

If you suspect that any persons on this site or anywhere else are being forced against their will or may be a victim of human trafficking please call Crime Stoppers NOW on 0800 555 111 (you may call anonymously), PLEASE DO NOT DELAY!

Law Enforcement / Police

If you are from any law enforcement (i.e. Police Officer), please provide details below (phone number if you want us to call you) and please also provide your official law enforcement email address below, so we can validate your identity.

Public Report

Please provide us with as much details as you can. If you have any evidence to support this report, please email it to us, in addition to this report on
We look into all reposts as fast as we are able to and take the necessary actions.
If you would like to be updated on your report, please provide us with your email address, below.
PLEASE NOTE: We are not obliged to share any details of actions we take, nor may we be legally able to provide details. If we do provide details this is at our sole discretion and will be within UK laws.