How To Book An Escort As A First Time Client

Booking an escort as a first time client can appear to be a scary and daunting task. With so many websites and ladies advertising their services. Who do you choose? Who do you contact? What website do you browse first? What to do if it is your first time with an escort.

My local escorts directory can assist you in finding the right girl who will satisfy your utmost desires and show you what you’ve been missing out on all this time. Here, you will find both escort agencies and independent beauties.

Your First Time With An Escort

How To Book An Escort

Well, let us hold your hand and help you on how to book an escort. First of all, when booking an escort for the first time as a client, decide what kind of appointment you want. Incalls are where you travel to the escort’s private residence. An outcall is where the escort travels to your home or hotel for the encounter to take place. Both types of appointments have their own unique pro’s and both offer discretion in their own way. It simply depends on which type of booking is right for you and your personal circumstances.

Once you know which type of booking you are going to make. You then need to decide what is important to you, regarding the services the escort offers and of course, what personality and looks you are yearning for most. Do you want an escort who is slim and extremely affectionate for example? Or do you want an escort who is curvy and will become your personal porn star during the length of your encounter? Deciding this beforehand will ultimately save you a lot of time and ensure you are booking the right escort for you as a first time client. Furthermore, ensuring you are also not wasting money on a booking which you don’t enjoy.

Now You Are Ready To Book Your First Time With An Escort

The best place to start when searching our directory is browsing through the ‘escorts near me’. Find the escorts who are local to you, so there’s minimum to no travelling. Allowing for even short notice bookings to be made by you. You will find hundreds of escorts local to you and who are actively looking for clients and bookings.

When you have browsed through these local and erotic beauties and made a short list of the escorts who genuinely interest you. By going to their handmade, personal profiles on our directory you will see their enticing photos, general stats (height, age, bust size, nationality etc). Along with any reviews which have been left by previous clients and the escorts contact information. From here you are now ready to book your first time with an escort, you can send an email or call the escort directly (which most escorts will prefer and this will allow you to have a brief introduction to your escort and allow any questions you have to be answered).

However, you can also view the escorts’ own personal website too, if you wish to do a little more research on the escort you desire.

Our personal advice regarding how to book an escort for your first time with an escort, would be to go with an escort who is well reviewed. Especially in regard to their personality! Of course, as a first time client you are going to be extremely nervous. A seasoned professional who can put you at ease and make you feel comfortable, wanted and welcome is exactly the type of girl who will ensure a booking goes how you want it to go. Leaving you satisfied and ready to explore other options you have available to you.

We would also recommend an appointment which duration is around the 2 hour mark. This gives you enough time to talk, relax and do everything you desire without feeling you have booked too long or not long enough. From here, as a your first time with an escort, you figure out what you need from an escort experience. As some clients will only ever book an hour, others will only book overnight appointments, as an example. As a first time client, an 1 to 2 hours booking gives you an insight into the industry and will allow you to feel confident in experimenting with different durations also.

Paying For Sex

Do Nots About How To Book An Escort

Of course, in the adult industry, genuine escorts will never ask for a deposit. Anyone who does need you to pay in any for, be it bank transfer, PayPal or any other method, be extremely careful of and we would recommend you do not book. Although, she will expect payments upon arrival, this is normal. It’s always a good idea to draw out some cash when you’re booking an escort, as this is the most discreet way to pay for both you and your chosen lady. 

Don’t delay any longer. Browse through your local escorts and see for yourself the benefits that booking escorts can provide you with. Take the leap and you certainly won’t be regretting it! Just remember many men went though their first time with an escort too.

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